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So unfortunately half term has ended (not quite yet) and this is my last day off. So I won't be posting as much. Thank you all for giving positive feedback on my recent things. I won't be entirely offline but I will need to get my homework and other things done so I won't be as active. Just a side note I won't be drawing as much ninjago as I've kind of moved on. I still like it but not as much. I've lost my motivation to keep building this set so it's kinda sitting there unfinished. I've moved into the Hetalia fandom more. Don't get me wrong I still like ninjago but not as much anymore.


ok I want to make this clear. The way this account is going I'm not happy with. So I won't be posting anything. That doesn't mean I won't be active. I will talk, like and favourite things I'll give llamas or points(whenever I get points) for people's birthdays ok. 
 Another thing is I wasn't really happy with my old YouTube account but I still kept it because I had my Hetalia playlist, awesome music playlist and other playlists but YouTube did a background refresh one or two days ago and wouldn't let me in my account so I'm pretty ticked off about that. 
 But I have made a new account. I will post art videos there when I get the chance.

I'm not telling you what the accounts are called right now as I still need to set them up. Thank you for reading this.

You guys mean everything to me please remember that.
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